Words that can best describe this book for me:
Rough, Hot, Dirty, Fast, Dominant, Wild

Don’t let the inspirational cover look-a-like fool you!  =)  This book is hawt!  After finishing Corralled, and even though I liked it, there was something missing.  I think that something was the family and community bond that is now present in Saddled and Spurred.

Hank and Kyle, the men of book one,  are actually all part of a group of friends that we learn more about in this book.  Of course there’s Hank’s brother Abe, and one of the buddies is Bran.  Reserved, calm, cool Bran.  Excellent rancher and excellent fisherman.  Not the guy that is the best looking to always get the girl.  Definitely the guy that thinks a beauty queen like Harper would never look his way.

But I have a secret to tell you, I am falling a little bit in love with Bran! Not that I’ve personally had a cowboy myself, but maybe Ms. James could introduce me to a Bran?!?! Because he rocked my world!  Bran is a dirty talker to boost, and I just love that Harper is willing to give herself over to him.

And Harper was no slouch either.  I adored her.  Beautiful as she is and yes a beauty queen, she is no primadonna.  She’s struggled to make ends meet doing whatever she has to do to support herself and her sister, and put her through school, giving up on her own dreams.  And  now she ends up working for Bran as his temporary ranch hand!

Then there’s the secondary characters.  Hank’s sibligns, Abe and Celia, I can’t wait to read about them!  The new resort in town is bringing with it some new characters to stir things up.  I can’t wait for Abe’s book next!!!

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