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“If you love your rockstars hot but with a heart of gold, then you will love Noel Falcon.” ~Under the Covers

There’s nothing I enjoy more that a second chance romance story!  I became interested in this couple when I read a “prequel” to this book in an anthology the author was part of to support an anti-bullying campaign, Stories for Amanda. Ms. Valentine’s story stood out then and was one of my favorites and definitely left my curiosity peaked about this couple.  High school sweethearts who want to follow two different career paths and are forced to make the decision to go their own ways.

So Noel Falcon has now become a rock God!  Lane might be regretting the fact that she decided to dump him to go to college instead of following him in his path to stardom.  Now, working at an advertising firm, she gets her first career break…and it’s in the form of working on a campaign for Noel himself and a charity that means a lot to him.

Neither one of them really ever got over the other.  The love and chemistry is still there when they come back together, and that’s always so sweet to see.  Even if things were done and said that have to be overcome.

If you love your rockstars hot but with a heart of gold, then you will love Noel Falcon.  With a chemistry that sizzles off the pages and a great story around them, then I think you will love this series.  It’s not too dark or too angsty, just a great story that doesn’t need to pull all those punches to let you enjoy it.  Looking forward to the next in the band!

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