In this short and sweet novella, Aiden Walker, an experienced rock climber, finds himself in some very precarious positions. At the start of the story, Aiden has decided to do a solo rock climb on one of his favorite mountains near his hometown of Queenstown, New Zealand. He successfully rappelled a steep rock wall to the valley below, but on the climb up, his rope knot at the top of the cliff comes undone, falls, and pulls him down with it. Barely catching himself on a couple jutting rocks on the fall, he holds on for dear life, willing himself to stay strong. After some time, Aiden’s strength begins to wane, and just before succumbing to a deadly fate, Matt Raine comes in to save the day.

Matt, also an experienced climber, is an out and proud gay man. Even while both men’s lives literally hang in the balance, Matt is very intrigued by everything he can see about Aiden. In order to keep Aiden awake during the rescue, Matt engages Aiden with jokes about a date, how wonderful it is to be gay, and fun flirting. Aiden is not homophobic but readily tells his rescuer that he is straight and not interested. Ironically, his body’s reaction to his rescuer is telling him another thing.

Matt and Aiden separate after the rescue, but in the following weeks, the one thing that pervades each of their minds is the other man. Fortunately, for both the men (and the reader), they quickly find each other, and the sexual flirtation and tension that was a warm ember during the rescue is stoked into a burning flame upon seeing each other fully for the first time. While Aiden always assumed he was straight, he realizes that he has a serious attraction for Matt and his beautiful green eyes; fortunately, again, he is not too apprehensive about these new feelings, and while he soon finds himself in another new and precarious situation, he follows his heart.

Matt and Aiden are an adorable couple who I could re-read over and over. While I would have enjoyed reading more about them, I really like this novella because it was sweet, very hot, and not riddled with the insta-love that usually ruins a potentially good novella. These men have a strong attraction for each other, they realize that their lives are about to change because of it, but they are not saying the “L” word within 24 hours of having sex. For anyone needing a quick but excellent, feel good story full of delectable men and uberhawt sexy scenes, this novella is for you.

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