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“Out of all the books that I’ve read so far in this series, ROAST MORTEM has to be my favorite. ”
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This was the first book I tried in audiobook for this series and I have to start off by saying that it’s amazing in audio. Since this series is set in New York, the characters have that distinct accent but the Cosi clan are also Italian, etc so there’s quite a lot of really distinct accents in this book and the narrator absolutely kills them all. Upbeat and fast-paced, this audio kicked ass.

Out of all the books that I’ve read so far in this series, ROAST MORTEM has to be my favorite. This one features firefighters so as you can expect it gets hot quickly. Some of these guys are really fun, while others are a little more rough around the edges. But I loved them all because they are the most interesting bunch of characters that we’ve encountered in the series so far. Part of this is due to Michael Quinn’s appearance. Michael is cousin to Mike Quinn, Clare’s boyfriend and he also has an interest in Clare so having to work with him in this investigation is definitely unsettling for her as he is a man who isn’t shy about his advances.

Mike and Clare’s relationship hits a small rough patch in this one and I was slightly annoyed that Mike kept Clare in the dark for so much in this book regarding his past with Michael but in the end, I totally understand why. It’s clear that Mike is the one that belongs with Clare and I loved how the authors also managed to incorporate Madame, Clare’s mother-in-law in this book as well. Her presence certainly spices things up!




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