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“After this, I don’t think I can look at coffee and gummy bears the same way again.”
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RISE & FALL in the fourth book in the THIRDS series and it pretty much starts off where the last one ended on a cliffhanger. This is definitely a series I would suggest binge reading because one, there are a new cliffhangers and two, you will be addicted, guaranteed.

This one takes on a different tone, and I think it is a bit of a departure from the other books of the series. For one, there’s a bit of a separation between Dex and Sloane. This makes for a good conflict, but at the same time, I’m not sure that I loved it. I hated that they kept things from each other and obviously, in doing that, it creates more problems from their already unsteady relationship. With four books already in the series, I was getting desperate for a HEA for these two.

That being said, the other couples are experiencing their own versions of drama. Cael and Ash are just….oh God! I feel so bad for these two. There’s no doubt that they need to communicate more, but the main conflict for so many of these couples is that they don’t think they are good enough for the other. So whereas Dex and Sloane struggled with that, it seems like everyone else is too.

The same goes for Hobbs and Calvin who are a little more subdued but still manage to have the same intensity and longing as the others. Again, they’re in a state of limbo as they try to get the other to admit that there’s something more going on between them than just work partners. So while I do love them, I do also think that between the couples, all their issues seem to be the same. I would have liked a little more variety, just so we aren’t jumping from one conflict to another very similar one between couples.

Nevertheless, I flew through this book and since I was listening to the audiobook, I feel like I’ve done nothing else but drown in the THIRDS world. After this, I don’t think I can look at coffee and gummy bears the same way again.




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