Review: Ripe for Pleasure by Isobel Carr

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Review: Ripe for Pleasure by Isobel Carr
Ripe for Pleasure
Book Info

Released: May 1, 2011
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: The League of Second Sons #1
Pages: 298

In this era, second sons were nothing but second-rate citizens and treated as such by family and society. As an act of survival and support, a secret league was formed. This secret group pledged to aid each other in their “endeavors”.

Lord Leonidas Vaughn, 2nd son of Duke of Lochmaben is trying to make something of himself in a way of treasure hunting. Family history says there is treasure to be claimed but his search leads to trouble in a form of Viola Whedon. His plans to seduce her bite him in ass as his seduction quickly turns into love.

Viola is a well sought after Courtesan but has taken time off to write a memoir that will shake this uptight society. The scandal she brings will put her life in danger or so she thought. The danger really comes from the treasure she may possess unknowingly. She will find herself under Leo’s protection and the time they spend together is definitely a no holds barred experience, as both are well skilled.

It is nice to see a heroine of this time rise up from her past, survive and fully accept her hoices. Prostitution is not one I like to read about but in this case, our heroine had little choice. She is tough in her decisions and undeterred by any who threaten her. I like that in the leading ladies I read about.

Leo is another hero to swoon over. Though he is second son to the Duke, he acts as if he is an heir; in the means of confidence, ambition, education, and every bit as skilled. *wink* Ms. Carr delivered very steamy scenes for our H/h and very creative with places and positions.

I truly enjoyed this book but found a few things I had a hard time with. It is possible that it’s due to my lack of knowledge with this era or genre. It was hard for me to understand a lot of things such as how they lived and how their society was. One issue was the second son means second rate, really, it seemed so extreme. And how a courtesan was sought after and fought over publicly. I thought maybe prostitution was more a taboo then glamorized. Most questions about the era and how they lived, I guess.

Understanding this era is definitely necessary for me. This book being the first I’ve read in this genre, I had a lot of questions. I am glad I had a few friends who did not mind me asking for more information as I might have not enjoyed this book to the fullest. I have to say I cannot wait for the next installment of this series.

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  1. Enjoyed the review. Both the hero and heroine sound like strong characters even though they are considered 2nd class citizens. Will be checking out this series.

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