Starting with the fact that there really isn’t anything hotter than bikers when mix them in a top secret military group.  They’re hot, they’re bad ass, and they had my heart beating fast.Then I love the fact that this story is about the girl next door who has now turned into a badass chick and running with the big boys.  When Mac finds Lily is in the middle of an op.  She was hired by the Museum to test their security (by breaking in herself) and she just happens to be doing this at the same time as the guy she was crushing on for a long time years ago actually broke in and stole a precious artifact.

When more people get involved and Mac gets shot he has no choice but to kidnap Lily and make a run for it.  It’s just Mac, Lily, the open road and a Harley.

The chemistry between these two was explosive.  They have history but they’ve both changed.  Mac is now a certified bad boy, reformed and now working for the “good guys”.  And oh yeah did I mention he’s very alpha and hot as hell?

This story was suspenseful, fast moving, action packed and extremely sexy!  Not to be missed!

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