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Riding the Storm by Sydney Croft

paranormal erotic romance

Riding the Storm by Sydney Croft

August 28, 2007

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  • X-men vibes
  • Steamy paranormal
  • Military team

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Let’s start off by saying this is a completely different paranormal world than I’m used to reading and I LOVED IT. The story was very well written and I thought the characters were likable. I felt it had an X-Men feel to it, which I loved, and I could see developing more in the next books.

The connection between Remy and Haley was very sweet, and I buy into the whole soul mates thing, I think that’s so cute and romantic how they find each other, so I had no issue with the lack of time they had to build a relationship. I could feel Remy’s pain at not knowing how to control his “gift”, how it had affected his life, and the possibilities that lay ahead.

I also LOVED Creed and Annika (secondary characters)! I could tell their attraction had been brewing for a while now and it’s all starting to come out! It was great to see that they also got enough time out of the story even though they weren’t the main characters and I was really excited whenever I got to read more about them. Those two have some explosive chemistry also, and I hope they get their HEA.

The third story that gets a bit of pages is Dev’s. He’s the Director of ACRO, has had a tormented and difficult life, even physically challenging. I wasn’t expecting the twist of him being in love with Oz, who we read about but don’t get to meet in this book. But it does sound at the end that he could, at one point, have to call him in. I wouldn’t mind reading more about that either.

The only warning that should come with this book however is: This is 100% Erotica Paranormal. There’s A LOT of HOT, I repeat, REALLY HOT sex. You will probably have to put this book down just to go take cold shower, or make sure you have something close by to fan yourself, or maybe just someone to help you through 😉  It’s that hot… and that often! So, if that’s not your thing, stay away from this book. But, in my opinion it was written in excellent taste, and refreshingly creative!

I’m officially hooked!

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