Review: Riding The Night by Jaci Burton

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Review: Riding The Night by Jaci Burton
Riding The Night
Book Info

Released: September 7, 2010
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Wild Riders #5
Pages: 309

I couldn’t put this book down! I originally found the Wild Riders series by reading “Nauti and Wild” and I’ve loved every single book in this series! I’ve been looking forward to reading AJ & Pax’s story, and knowing this will probably end up as a permanent menage.

The book starts off giving us a glimpse of AJ’s past, when he was 19 and in love with Teresa, both having not much of a future in their small town, and with his questionable (criminal) activities, he decides to walk away from her.

Now fast forward 10 years, AJ is part of the Wild Riders, he’s made something of himself and him and Pax go on vacation, ending up back in AJ’s hometown. They stop at a biker bar and he finds Teresa now owns it. In good WR fashion, even on vacation they find trouble, there’s a war between the local biker club and the one from north of town. The leader of the north club is stabbed and Teresa’s brother is accused of the murder, while Teresa is the only witness. Now she has to find the killer herself since the cops think she’s lying to protect her brother.

Of course AJ & Pax decide to stay, to help and protect Teresa. But soon enough they realize they both want her. And then they find out what’s happened to her since he left. With a lot of care, they both soothe her and make her comfortable with being with both of them.  The rekindling of the teenage love between AJ & Teresa was so sweet.  I loved the parts when we could see Pax’s point of view, and how Teresa’s feelings developed for him too, even though she was already in love with AJ.  The sexual chemistry between them was explosive!

This book has a lot of action, mystery, bikers, beers, bike rallys, and some pretty hot sex. It wasn’t my favorite book in the series, but it was a great addition to it and I’m sad this was the ending of it, I’ll miss our bikers, but I’ll definitely be looking forward to Jaci Burton’s next book.

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