Don’t you just love stories about the big tough guy that has been lusting after a younger girl and thinking he can’t have her?  Well, this was one sexy example of that!

Jessie has been with the Wild Riders for years and Diaz has been watching her grow up into a beautiful woman, where all the other members of the crew just see her as their kid sister.  He’s very protective of her but feels that he’s too old and too damaged to deserve her.  He has a tortured past and yes, he’s one of those annoying heroes that think because his dad beat women, then he will too.

But now they are forced into a mission together.  Jessie of course sees this, not only as her chance to prove that she deserves to be part of the group, but also a chance to steal Diaz’s heart.  Because she feels he never pays attention to her that way.  Their mission is to infiltrate a motorcycle gang that is selling illegal guns to a survivalist group.

It takes time for Jessie to break through, but I loved her every step of the way.  I wanted to be her at times and that didn’t even have anything to do with the hot and smexy parts, although I would’ve wanted to be her then because Jessie and Diaz are SMOKING HOT, be warned!Diaz on the other hand, yes he’s sexy and alpha but I wanted to beat some sense into him quite a few times.  Even with that, I couldn’t help but like him and this was an amazing read, I loved the motorcycle gang storyline it was interesting and fit with their characters and kept the suspense level high on this great story, while still being heavy on the romance and sex.  And of course the bikes and bike rallies… What more can you ask for?

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