Cara McKenna takes readers back into the sensual world of Caroly and Didier. REVERSAL is written from Didier’s POV and it’s always my favorite place to be. Readers learn firsthand of his struggle with agoraphobia and experience the lingering effects that one terrible trip has caused him. But in the safe harbor of his home, Didier is slowly able to rein in his anxiety and panic to the point where he feels human again.

Caroly returns with more than just a smile and good faith in him. Whenever Didier sees Caroly, it’s as if a blanket of comfort is draped over him. He immediately feels more at peace. But Didier wants more and wishes to completely lose himself, to submerge into the fantasy that Caroly’s presence brings forth. This time Caroly resists, telling him that she doesn’t wish to become the means in which he hides from his problems. So together, they face his fears united and stronger than before.

REVERSAL is another agonizingly sweet love story for Caroly and Didier that delves deeper than before. McKenna first weaves an intricate web that Didier must find the strength within himself to escape from, then slowly unravels that to reveal a vulnerability that is striking and real. A story about unparalleled trust, inner strength and courage, McKenna simply shines with this series of vignettes.

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