Another Kindred book! This series was my favourite of 2011, it has started many fantasies about being transported to an alien space ship and…probed by a sexy Kindred warrior (or Warriors!) and this book has furthered my obsession with all things Kindred.Revealed is about Nadiah, Sylvan’s cousin and Adam Rast, the human detective who has made a career out of finding the lost. Nadiah and Rast’s attraction has been growing since they first met at Sylvan’s Bonding, but despite starting off on a tongue to tongue basis things have gone down hill since then as Rast accuses Nadiah of being a fraud when she has her visions, only later to find out that her Sight is genuine. But despite their differences their attraction has grown, but nothing can come of their mutual desire as Nadiah has been blood bound to another as a child. But when Rast sees the cruel way Nadiah is treated by her betrothed he is determined to break the bond, no matter what the cost to himself.

What I loved about the romance in this book, was that the hero and heroine knew they loved the other pretty much from the start and it was other people putting obstacles in their path, not any extremely irritating and unnecessary Misunderstanding. Also as this series has gone on, the heroines have become much more likable, Nadiah was pretty cool, I loved how she stood up for herself and her man. And Rast was HOT! I love the whole possessive she-is-mine thing. This book was also incredibly hot, I love how the Kindred males love their females and I love a man who talks dirty and Rast’s mouth was filthy!

This book also introduces a brand new threat to the universe, and I can’t wait to see what happens with that and how they can stop them. It is also great because I know there will be more books in the series. I am really hoping that Merrick, Sylvan’s friend and a Hybrid, is next, I LOVE the tall, dark and dangerous ones!

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