“REMY is my favourite in the series so far. ” ~ Under the Covers

In the third instalment to the Real series, Katy Evans brings the hero of the series to the forefront. To be honest, the whole reason why I read this series is because of Remy, so I was eager to see through his eyes with this book.

Remington Tate is an intense enigma. You don’t know much about him until you really dig deep. I thought that this book was the perfect way to learn about his thoughts while also offering a little more to readers who are loyal to the series. For readers new to the series … if you like intense, incredibly possessive heroes, then Remy might be for you.

The story begins on Brooke and Remy’s wedding day. You get to see the sense of possession he has over her, but what I thought was unique about it is that there a thread of sincerity that underlines all the intense emotions when it comes to Remy. I feel that that is the major difference between him being a crazy stalker and someone who is in love.

It has become a trend somewhat to write books from the hero’s POV. REMY does fall into that category. There are A LOT of scenes we’ve seen before, but I never thought it to be strenuous or boring to read. Remy brings that intensity to everything he does and I felt it was better than REAL. As a result, REMY is my favourite in the series so far.


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  1. I read this recently and I have to say it is the best hero POV book I have read. I think it brought a lot of his actions more I to perspective as Katy Evans has done a really good job of expanding on how he felt and why he reacts the way he does. I agree it was a fantastic way to finish their story!