“…this was a fun and fast read.”

~ Under the Covers

If you’re looking for a Hollywood romance, look no further. REEL LOVE features the forbidden workplace love affair between a struggling director and an aspiring screenwriter during the filming of a B-list vampire movie.

Some of the things I liked? The hero is younger than the heroine. I also loved the role reversal in that the heroine is the director and the one with recognition in the industry and the hero is trying to break in. And besides the characters, I had plenty of fun with the behind the scenes of filming a movie bits.

Now for the romance… it was cute but not memorable. Their meet cute is outside of the industry when she stops in to get a drink at a bar where he’s working as the bartender and her credit card is declined. But there are a lot of assumptions they both make and their relationship gets dragged a bit by a lot of outside conflict that I felt wasn’t as necessary to bug them down.

Of course this book also has the expected over the top drama that I assume goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood. From set co-workers to backstabbing top executives. A bit like a soap opera, which is something I enjoy. And I think if you’re needing a celebrity fix that isn’t the typical romance about a movie star then this will be a good one to look at.

Overall though, this was a fun and fast read. I read it in one sitting and it was entertaining.

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