We review Red Fox by Karina Halle, a new adult horror romance and the second in the Experiment in Terror series. If you want something filled with tension, of both the sexual and terrifying kind, then this is the book for you!

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Red Fox
by Karina Halle

Experiment in Terror #2
Released: June 12, 2011
324 Pages | ebook

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something scary | sexual tension | nail biting action


Perry and Dex now have a chance at filming their show with a bit more support from their Internet TV Network. Dex’s old friend and ex-bandmate Maximus, is a sort of ghost whisperer and has ran into a “haunted house” situation that he thinks would be perfect for Dex’s show.  But because the couple that owns the so-called haunted house is religious, Dex and Perry have to pretend to be married to stay with them.


I’m not sure why I waited so long to get back into reading this series.  Well, I do know I was trying to be responsible and read my review books but…I was missing out!

Red Fox escalates the level of creepy horror just a notch from what we experienced in Darkhouse by mixing in Native American legends and skinwalkers. No ghosts here.

The weirdness starts from the beginning in this book.  Foxes are found on Dex and Perry’s bed in the middle of the night and rocks and birds are mysteriously attacking them. On top of this we also have Perry’s ominous dreams painting a very grim future. Add all of this together and you have the recipe for a creepy story.

Even though what Dex and Perry were there to film and research was interesting and creeptastic, what had me enthralled was Perry and Dex themselves.  We learn so much more about Dex in this book, helped by the fact that he was off his meds. And wow. Without pharmaceutical help Dex was a mess!  But, it also showed a softer more vulnerable side to him, which needs to come out more often. And for the Perry and Dex lovers you will be very happy with their relationship growth in this book. Perry herself has already had a lot of character growth in comparison to Darkhouse it was just shocking.

in conclusion

Red Fox ups the ante in the Experiment in Terror saga, the dangers are high and the emotions even more so.  I can’t wait for what’s to come!

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red fox by karina halle review

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