Eight months ago Darcy lost her Master and fiancée, Scott, in a mysterious disappearance. She knows in her heart that he’s dead, likely murdered, and is having a very difficult time coping with the loss. Darcy is a submissive and Scott was her anchor in the world. To top it off, she’s been labeled a suspect in his disappearance, a cruel and hurtful blow. Then she has a chance meeting with Theo, a captivating and alluring Dom, who pushes all the right buttons. They’ll be working together for Snyder Corp, her most recent fundraising project. He’s everything Darcy could have hoped for in a man and Master, and she finally starts to believe in a life after Scott. He understands her need for not only a D/s relationship, but her cravings for pain and punishment.

Malcolm Legato is an undercover FBI agent, working to uncover the corruption in Snyder Corp and its link to Scott’s murder. He assumes the cover of Theo, a computer programmer sought after by Snyder for his work on shady projects. Darcy is his key to infiltrating the company and getting close to its head, Victor Snyder. Malcolm is a natural Dom, but could never have anticipated that he would fall for the lovely Darcy. She’s the best kind of challenge for him and day by day, he falls in deeper. It’s only a matter of time before his identity is revealed. Will their relationship survive his deception?

It’s been a while since I’ve read contemporary BDSM. What an amazing homecoming! Darcy is the kind of submissive that’s a pleasure to read about and so easy to relate to. I loved her! She’s well trained, but not a pushover, standing up for her wants and needs. Theo is one incredibly sexy Dom. His presence fills the page, larger than life, ruthless and in-control, but sensually caring and romantic at the same time. The sexual tension between the two is painfully good to read and leads to some wonderful scenes of S/M, light bondage, and wildly dirty sex. Both Darcy and Theo get to push boundaries with some very hot results. The suspense element is real and present, but does not overpower the relationship development, which is a complaint I have of many romantic suspense plots. The balance is perfect here, and the story flows easily, with smart and witty dialog. I read this in two sittings over one day. Could not put it down! I highly recommend it for lovers of BDSM erotic romance. Michelle Zurlo is completely new author for me and I can say that I will definitely be reading her backlist. I hope there’s a sequel in store for this series as well. It sounds like Malcolm’s partner, Keith, needs a good woman!

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