Giselle works for Scottsdale Live, a magazine that follows socialites in the area.  Since times are changing, they decided to look for new readers and in turn send Giselle on a new mission, way out of her element; off road racing.  When she gets to the races, her Manolo Blahnik’s are full of dust and she is nearly toppled over by some hot mechanic guy.  She has no idea what she’s gotten herself into.

Hot mechanic guy happens to be Ky, one of the most well-known racers on the track. Once Ky catches

Giselle’s eye he is determined to make her his.  They end up flirting, going to dinner, telling very intimate details of their lives and do bad things in a yacht; that so happens to be Ky’s.

The next day, Giselle finds out that Ky is not just a mechanic that works in the pits, but the driver, and owner of his own racing company; a company that he inherited when his father died.  She is mortified that her one night stand/love at first sight heard her sad sob story of how she struggled in life and now she is completely embarrassed.

Fast forward a few pages and Ky ends up finding her and they proclaim their undying hour long love for each other and live HEA.

What I like about the story?  The racing. I’m a car girl I can’t help it.  So when Giselle almost got smacked with a quarter panel because she was in the way, I laughed.  And when she stood in the pits and watched the qualifying, I gave a mental fist pump.  I found myself wanting more.

What I didn’t like about this story?  I didn’t feel the connection between Giselle and Ky.  I didn’t even get a lightning bolt of attraction.  And I think that’s what made the falling in love in two days/ HEA unappealing.

Pure Pleasure is a short story about Love at first sight.  That moment in life where you lock eyes with that person and a connection is formed in seconds.  Within few minutes you are fused together with just a touch and by the time a few hours go by, you’ve done the deed and are now irrevocably and unequivocally in Love.  HEA?
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