“At times when historical romances seem to blend together, PROOF OF SEDUCTION stands out from the crowd.” ~Under the Covers

At times when historical romances seem to blend together, PROOF OF SEDUCTION stands out from the crowd.  Why, you may ask?  The heroine of this story is a fortune teller.

Jenny has had no other choice but to “pretend” to be a fortune teller to survive.  She does a good job at it for a while until Gareth, the Marquess of Blakely, comes to “Madame Esmeralda” to, according to him, save his cousin from her evil clutches.  See, his younger cousin is somewhat gullible and easily influenced.  Gareth of course thinks he’s doing the right thing.

Gareth is a scientist, he likes to know how things work and why.  He doesn’t believe in much and is a bit of a realist.  And the real thing is he falls in lust with Madame Esmeralda and wants her for himself.

To keep his cousin somewhat happy, Gareth goes along with Madame Esmeralda’s prediction of when he will meet his one true love.  In the meantime, Gareth and Jenny have a torrid affair.

PROOF OF SEDUCTION was well…seductive.  Jenny is no virgin wilting flower.  She’s a real woman.  With cares about her honor, but also with a lot of heart.  And she follows her heart for most of this book.

Gareth on the other side may not be my favorite hero for as stern and unmoving he was at times, but he has a big soft spot for Jenny and in the end he shows that and does the right thing by her.

I’m really looking forward to Ned’s story next.  He was young in this one and had some trouble.   I can’t wait to see what Ms. Milan has in store for him next.

One thing you have to expect for sure when reading Courtney Milan is a deep and emotional ride, and this was no different.

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  1. Francesca you’re on a roll today with these reviews you have me wanting to read each and everyone of them!

  2. Hi hello. I have been reading you reviews for some times now but i had to comment on this phrase.

    –Jenny is no virgin wilting flower. She’s a real woman–

    Being a virgin doesn’t make someone less of a real woman or man. I see that reviewers throw this phrase around pretty loosely and it bothers me. Just a little note, nothing personal.