Review: Prince of Hearts by Margaret Foxe

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Review: Prince of Hearts by Margaret Foxe
Prince of Hearts
Book Info

Released: 9 June 2013
Genre: Steampunk
Series: Elders and Welders #1
Pages: 322


Prince of Hearts was an exciting read with a heroine I loved, a hero I lusted after and a new and interesting steam punk world to delve in to” ~ Under the Covers

Miss Aline Finch it determined to hand in her two week resignation to her handsome, dashing and thoroughly irritating boss, Professor Romanov. She is to be married to her fiancee and Charlie and move with him so he can continue his archaeology studies in Egypt. However, there is much more to the the Professor than there appears and now that he is faced with the prospect of a life without the very prim and proper Miss Finch he realises he never wants to let her go…especially when a danger from his past threatens not only his own life, but Aline’s as well.

Why do I always end up finding some of my favourite reads just through a pure whim? I decided to give Prince of Hearts a try as the cover caught my eye and I liked the sound of the blurb, I made a very wise decision. Prince of Hearts was an exciting read with a heroine I loved, a hero I lusted after and a new and interesting steam punk world to delve in to.

The heroine of the tale, Aline Finch, is described as prim and plain; however, that impression doesn’t last long as you get to know her, she was smart, funny and full of surprises. Romanov was handsome and dashing, with of course the obligatory tragic past and centuries worth of secrets, all of which amounted to him being completely irresistible. I loved watching as the chemistry between them grew until he began so her as more than the secretary he loved harass and she stopped seeing him as just her employer. The banter between them added a spark to their relationship which I steadily watched ignite in to passion and I enjoyed every word.

Prince of Hearts also had a paranormal element to the story, one which will continue on to the next book as vampires are also added to the mix. The world that Foxe has started to build up is interesting and I can’t wait to see this develop on in her next book, a book that I will definitely be reading. However, the main focus was on the romance, but a plot wasn’t forsaken and the danger lurking in the background not only made the book more exciting but it kept events moving on steadily and tied in smoothly with revealing more of Romanov’s past.

I highly recommend you give this book a chance it was good start to the Elders and Welders series and I can’t wait to read more.

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