Ms. Haynes is the Nicolas Sparks of the Erotic/Rom world. Like Sparks novel, she pulled me in a roller coaster ride full of emotions but Ms. Haynes story is with shit loads of erotica.Dominic and Erin lost their son Jay about a year ago and had not recovered since. In fact, not only that their marriage had fallen apart, their company (DeKnight Guages) has a big problem that is driving them further apart. Sad to say that both Dominic and Erin have become so distant that the only way they show emotions is through their “Past Midnight” rendezvous. As anyone would know, that is just not enough in a relationship. Especially with a recent loss, marital or other form of support is probably the most important factor of healing.

In an attempt to save his marriage, Dominic will do anything and everything including going beyond his sexual boundaries. He is determine to shock the hell out of Erin by exploring his and her deepest fantasy. And way to go Dominic! Your tactics worked even for me but that’s a whole different story. ;).

I love Dominic and Erin’s story. Their situations are very realistic; from business problems, social issues, marital issues to death of a loved one.

Ms. Haynes did a wonderful job reminding me that life is anything but perfect and marriage is hard work. This may be TMI but damn, I got some ideas about exploring. This book is full of extremely hot scenes that include voyeurism, threesomes, exhibitionist and some bondage.

I have to note that I went about this series the wrong way. I first read Principal’s Office (which I loved), knowing it was book 3. I could beat myself for doing that and for waiting so long to get to this book. This one I would recommend for this summer’s hot and heartfelt read.

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