I’ve had this book on my radar for quite some time, mainly because the cover looks hot and I can’t help but be shallow enough that when you put a firefighter and a cop together, I want to read about that. *shrugs*

This was a short story and the first thing I can say about it is that I feel as if I was thrown in at the end of something because by the time this story starts is just when Brad and Gavin finally give in to their attraction for each other, but I would’ve loved to see the story leading up to this.

See Gavin is a cop and he’s known he was gay for a long time but has never been very open about it.  Actually he’s more bi than gay because he’s still attracted to women and because of his particular taste in men, he never found the right one to be happy with.  He’s already a big, tough guy and whenever he’s tried to be with a man he can only pick up small guys that want to bottom for him.  But he wants a big guy just as him to top him.

And that’s why when he meets Brad, the firefighter, who is openly gay and very much a big tough guy that likes to top his men, he wants a piece of that.  When he sees that Brad is looking for a roommate he jumps on the opportunity and they move right in.  This part of the story right here is what is just mentioned but because of this being a short story, we don’t get to read it.  I thought that would’ve been a lot of fun to see.

Fast forward to present day and Gavin has had a rough time at work and Brad is the one there to help him through that.  And boy when they finally get together there’s so much emotion that it’s raw and uncut.  Well, that pretty much describes their whole relationship.  Gavin doesn’t want pretty and soft and he gets exactly what he wants with Brad.  Even though if at times it might’ve made me wince because for sure he couldn’t sit for a couple of days, right?

Hot but not perfect.  I really enjoyed it and being my first read by Kele Moon, I’ll definitely be reading more of her books.

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  1. Oh! (Pouts) Thank you for the heads up on the short story part. I’ll still get it but at almost 5 bucks, I would be a lil miffed to find out. Have to admit I’ve always been hesitant to buy shorts, cause they are always rushed or I feel like I’ve missed out on some key stuff

  2. I haven’t read Kele Moon yet, but I’ve heard good things about her writing. I’m not fond of short stories and novellas because I love a well-developed plot, but do read them on occasion- hot fire fighter and cop? Yep, that might be one of the occasions.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. @Pyper, yes it’s only 92 pages I believe. So def novella length. It is hard but at least this was one of the cases where a novella is ok and not completely missing something. I just wished it would’ve been longer.

    @Sophia, firefighter and cop, yep that is def one of those you have to read 😉 Enjoy!