“…this wasn’t a terrible read but it wasn’t one that I was invested in at any point.”
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There was something sexy about the premise of the first book in this series with the stranger in the woods, and although I enjoyed that one I did have some issues with it.  Nonetheless, I wanted to give this one a try even though I knew it would be about the asshole brother of one of the MCs of book 1.

Sometimes my opinion can be turned around and other times it won’t.  OUT OF NOWHERE was one of those cases where it didn’t.  I never truly liked Colin’s character in the first book and I felt almost the same in this book.  As much as I could sympathize with him and his situation, I found myself really annoyed at the way he went after his brother for coming out when he wanted to do the same.  It was vicious and inexcusable to me.  And when they have their bonding moment towards the end of this book where he explains why he was doing it… not good enough for me.

Another thing I had a problem with in this book was the fact that Colin had so many issues about being gay because of his father.  I feel like the way the author solved this problem was …. not solving it, and I personally didn’t like that.  It felt that this issue was left open ended. I also found that the author relied on comparing the characters to celebrities to get a visual of what the characters looked like.  And believe me, I’m all for a Jensen Ackles and Jason Momoa book 😉 but every time I read that I was a bit turned off by the fact that they weren’t just better described instead of telling me they looked like this or that person.  Although, the man bun Rafael would sport at times was definitely hot!

I don’t recommend reading this as a standalone.  This story runs parallel to IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMEWHERE and I think it would be best for this series to be read in order.

Now all that being said, this wasn’t a terrible read but it wasn’t one that I was invested in at any point.  I liked the subplot and Rafael’s character and that’s about it.   I don’t mind flawed characters, at all, but I didn’t think Colin was good enough to be with Rafael and in the end I found that he didn’t really deal with the internal issues he drags on throughout the book.  I think this might be an unpopular opinion as this book has a lot of 5 star reviews and I’m disappointed I didn’t enjoy it more.




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  1. I really enjoyed In the Middle of Somewhere. I was very disappointed in this one. I agree with the character descriptions as well especially when I don’t know who the author is referencing and I have to stop reading to Google them. Thanks for the review.