“The book as a whole wasn’t emotionally heavy but it may hit close to home for some. “

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Our Italian Summer is a sweet story of three generations of strong women who are in the midst of  difficult challenges in their lives.  Their story touches on strained relationships, self discovery, acceptance, and a touch of romance.  Alegra, a teen who struggles with her relationship with her mom, Francesca, a single mother who is successful in her career but lacks when it comes to her daughter, and Sophia, mother and grandmother who wants to fix it all before it’s too late.   

The book as a whole wasn’t emotionally heavy but it may hit close to home for some.  Reading their situations reminded me of friends in very similar predicaments.  Of course, it was nice that this family was going through their ordeal while in Italy.  The destinations may be what made the book a much lighter read.  What a perfect place to be with your loved ones and rediscovering yourself in the process.  

I enjoyed watching Alegra, Francesca, and Sophia in this adventure as they all evolved and rediscovered themselves from the beginning to the end of the story.  This book is definitely an eye opening to any one in their shoes and a feel-good book overall. 

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