I think technically this book was intended to be classified as an erotica story, being that it’s part of the 1 Night Stand series.  However, the story lacked the ummmm pre-requisites of that for me.  However it was a sweet story of high school sweethearts who were separated and then found each other again.I always enjoy a second chance story.  Everything was going well for me here.  Rebecca was being fixed up with the 1 Night Stand service for a night of hot passion.  Luke had recently gotten back in town (or close to town) after his military service and had agreed to use the 1 Night Stand service as the rest of his team members.

Neither one knowing that the person they would find was their high school sweetheart.  Luke had left Rebecca when he enlisted thinking it would be unfair to force her to wait for him while he was in danger. She deserved to live her life.

Except she never did.  And here’s my issue with this story and why I took a couple of stars off.  Rebecca has been waiting for Luke since he left.  She never lost hope that he would come back for her.  And I mean waiting in every sense of the word.  So it was hard for me to understand how she found herself on a date with the 1 Night Stand service.  It didn’t make any sense.

However, I enjoyed the authors’ writing and I am looking forward to see what comes next for the rest of Luke’s military friends.

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