“OLD BLOOD is just the story to help you understand the ties that bind them together…Seeing her [Pippas’] story of love and use was heartbreaking.” ~Under the Covers

OLD BLOOD takes us on a trip back in time, to understand more about Creepy Clown Lady.  We’ve all heard the rumors that she was crazy, but was she really?  And this was the perfect time in the reading order to give us this glimpse.  After the events in ON DEMON WINGS, there’s no better time than now to explain the past and know her story.

For as crazy as you think that old Pippa was, there was a reason she got there.  Family that betrayed her.  That didn’t understand what she was going through and what she was seeing.  Seeing her story of love and use was heartbreaking.  She did the best she could with the life she was dealt.  She trusted the wrong people, followed the wrong love.  But she always loved her family.  Right until the last betrayal.

Pippa didn’t have it easy, but she now has the opportunity of helping Perry.  And OLD BLOOD is just the story to help you understand the ties that bind them together.  The similarities, the connection.  The reasons that pull Dex and Perry apart just as they are being drawn together.

It is important to point out that the Experiment in Terror series must be read in order, and that includes all the novellas.  You should read them in the order of publication and don’t just jump ahead to the next book.  You would be missing out on some important piece of the puzzle.  And believe me, you won’t want to do that.

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  1. When I decide begin with reading this series,I will remember to read this series in order, that it’s not hard for me,because always I read series in order 🙂

    Thanks for the great review Francesca 🙂