Who would’ve thought a mummy story would be this hot?  Well, there is no mummy sexing if that’s what you’re thinking.  But Lord Alec Wright did a very bad thing.  About a century ago he stole a mummy from its Egyptian tomb.  But it turns out the mummy was a child, and the mother is now not so happy.  Her spirit is haunting Lord Alec and has cursed him to go through endless nights of arousal and immortality until he reunites the two.

He can’t be with a woman without her being cursed as well.  So for the last century he has led a solitary and somewhat miserable existence.  Until he finds the mummy’s child at the Museum in NYC.  And to get it back so he can reunite it with its mother, he will have to go through Kate Morton.

Of course you can imagine that these two are sizzling from the get-go, and they even have the added benefit of some extra arousal because of the mummies and the curse.  Kate deals with the whole supernatural element surprisingly well, but in a short story you can’t expect a big conflict or they would never get together!

I really enjoyed the change of scenario and species!  It’s a quick and hot read and I would definitely recommend it for when you need something different to spice up your lunch…or night 🙂

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