I am slowly making my way through the stories in the THREE’S COMPANY anthology with Lorelei James, Jayne Rylon and Jess Dee.  The stories are definitely hot and this one started out just as hot, with some really smoking sex on the hood of a sports car, even though it was two complete strangers.

Alexa’s world was thoroughly rocked by that encounter so when she walks in a work meeting and sees that stranger is the man she has to present to, she is, to say the least, shaken.  But he doesn’t remember her!  Aren’t twin stories fun?

But after Alexa, Justin and Jason decide to have some group fun, I felt that I lost some of the connection to the characters and the story.  And don’t get me wrong, it’s very hot and in a lot of cases twin menages work very well for me.  However, I think I usually like to see more development on the backstory of how they could both fall in love with the same woman.  This was where something had to give with this story because the suspense element took up some word count as well.

Did I mention that Justin and Jason are uber rich and the business presentation she came to them with is now maybe what’s putting her life in danger?  Of course they have the resources to keep her safe and while keeping her safe….things quickly heat up.

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