Maya Banks has really outdone herself with his stunning highlander stories. NEVER LOVE A HIGHLANDER is Caelen’s story. He is the youngest of the McCabe brothers. In the previous book, SEDUCTION OF A HIGHLAND LASS, Caelen makes a big decision and willingly sacrifices his happiness for the good of the plan. Now, bound by duty to wed Rionna of the McDonald clan, Caelen does the honourable thing and weds the lass even though it’s a marriage of convenience.

Rionna has been passed from brother to brother and finally her pride has taken a blow. As a warrior woman, she isn’t used to being told what to do. However, she knows her place and knows the importance of gaining an alliance with the McCabes, so even though something about Caelen scares her, she brings him to her McDonald land where he is to become their new laird.

In terms of style, this book is closest to the first one. Caelen and Ewan sort of have similar personalities. They are men used to being obeyed. However, whenever Caelen tries to control Rionna, the woman bites back, not used to following orders herself. Riona isn’t a docile kitten and Caelen doesn’t know how to handle her.

As Caelen stresses over the coming war and training his new men for battle, he also has the task of turning Rionna into a woman fit to rule by his side. He wishes her to be more complacent, dress more like a lady, etc but that’s not Rionna at all. A clash of wills happens and it was interesting to read how they worked those differences out.

One place where they were in perfect unison is in bed. Banks writes steamy scenes that can make a girl swoon. These highlanders definitely know their way around the bedroom and if this in any indication of how the rest of the series will be, then I’m all in.

NEVER LOVE A HIGHLANDER is a satisfying end to one story arc, but with the coming of more books in this series, it won’t be a difficult decision to say I’ll be reading those too.

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