It feels as if I’ve waited for Adrian’s book forever. We’ve sort of fallen in love with him throughout the series as the reliable and steady presence. Funny, caring, a bit spoiled, but I really never saw him as THE stud of the series. Well, ladies be warned and prepared… Adrian Brown is amazing! He might just be Mr. Perfect for me! LOL With his tats, sexy arms, and more than talented ways, as well as pretty much no inhibitions when it comes to what he wants and what his girl wants.First of all, I’m actually really happy he gets to have a family. Even though this is really a ready-made family, because he apparently got a girl pregnant 13 years ago, and wasn’t aware of it. But to the kid’s benefit, the real mother didn’t raise him, but his aunt did, and she had actually adopted him.So Miles, who is now a teenager, has his own little band and is a wonderful kid, finally gets to meet his father, the famous rock star, Adrian Brown, after his real mother confesses to his adopted mother, Gillian, who the father is, right before she dies.

Gillian goes looking for Adrian because she wants to give her son the opportunity to know and spend time with his father. And after an initial shock and setbacks, Adrian falls in love with both Miles and his mum. She pushes all his buttons, and everything she does turns him on.

The whole Brown clan is pretty involved in this story, and even though at times they can be overwhelming, they love Miles and welcome Gillian into their tight knit family.

But Gillian has secrets and issues to work through, as does Adrian, before they can be happy together. Although, this book didn’t have a major event tearing them apart, and it’s mostly a happy relationship between all involved during the entire book, which is something I usually don’t like, it worked well for me this time. I didn’t feel the need to all of a sudden have a huge fight break out or anything like that.

Adrian has some ass moments, and in my opinion those were understandable being that he is a big celebrity and there are things they should always watch out for and be careful of, or a certain lifestyle they are accustomed to and they cannot understand why they can’t do what they want. But in the end his intentions were always good, he is truly a devoted father, a caring lover and he loves his family completely.

Gillian is the perfect compliment for him. She’s prim and proper, with her english background, and she’s an amazing mother. She is very grounded and that is exactly what Adrian needs. Like she said, she’s not his fan, she’s his lover and the mother to his kid. But behind that exterior she is just a WILD and DIRTY woman! And wow did that match Adrian to a tee.

These two steamed up the pages non-stop, in some extremely hot and creative ways. Adrian is very dominating, loves to dirty talk, and loves to please his woman! *fans self* He is definitely my second favorite man in this series now (of course, Brody still has the number one spot!)

Since we’ve gone through all the Brown Siblings I’m guessing the series is over now, but I can only hope there will be a spin-off since we didn’t get to read Raven’s story, and the girls needs to have a HEA and someone to fix her head a bit. But we also met some pretty cool girls that are friends with Gillian, Mary and Jules. We’ll have to wait and see!

Favorite quote:
“She ruined him for all others, and that was fine since he didn’t plan to have any others but her.”

And the debate still stands as to who would be the perfect Adrian Brown?  According to Lauren Dane’s Facebook Page, it is Ryan Bingham

BUT, this is who I had in mind…. just add the tats a wee bit of muscle.

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  1. Adrian for me was perfect too! And Dane has confirmed this was the last book of the series and I was absolutely devastated when I read this! Even though everyone received the HEA I wish there was just one more book where we read about everyone 2years from now.