This anthology is a  sweet mix of contemporary and historical romance that will heat up your holidays! ~ Under the Covers 

ROOM AT THE END by Ruthie Knox – 3.5 stars

The whole reason I got this anthology was because of Ruthie. I adore her books and her writing style. She is so readily able to craft fun, flirty and sexy contemporaries that stand out in your mind long after you finish the book. While I enjoyed this story, I cannot say that it is my favorite of Knox. A lot of the time I felt that there was a lot of telling instead of showing the past romance that Carson and Julie had. I would have liked to really see the relationship bloom in this story rather than hear about what happened in the past. However, that is not to say that Knox makes up for it as you continue to read. She does a great job of creating an inviting, Christmas-y atmosphere at the inn that you can’t help but smile about. In the end, I found this story to be enjoyable.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find myself getting into this story. I found the characters unlikeable and just couldn’t fall into place with O’Keefe’s writing style. This one was a DNF for me.

ONE PERFECT CHRISTMAS by Stephanie Sloane – 3 stars

This story is my first Sloane title and I must say, I enjoy her voice a lot. Her writing is smooth and free-flowing, making this short story a very easy read. I found myself able to submerge myself into the world that Sloane has created and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere she brought to her story overall. The characters were well-rounded and fleshed out for a shorter title and I thought the romance bloomed at a good pace. After reading this, I think I will consider checking out more of Slone’s titles in the future. Her Regency Rogues series sounds promising!

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