… it was both funny and addicting to read. ~ Under the Covers

Miss Lillian Bede, penniless suffragist, has been given the opportunity of a life time by a now deceased distant relative, if in 5 years she can make the Mill House estate a profit, then it is hers. If not than it will go to the man next in line, Mr Avery Thorne. For Avery Mill House is all he has ever wanted, it represent a home he has never really had and he can’t believe what his uncle has done! Thus begins a series of letters where sparks fly, but nothing beats the jolt they feel when they finally come face to face after 5 years.

What a delightful book this was! I love books where the hero and heroine communicate with letters, there is something about them getting to know and half full in love with someone before they even meet that I find irresistible. And although the tone of the letters in My Dearest Enemy was more combative than most it just adds a unique twist to the book.

What was great about this book was that because of the letters, even before they meet you could feel their fiery chemistry. Once you have thrown them in the same room together you could feel their personalities clashing and their passion rising, it was both funny and addicting to read.

This book was fairly light on plot, not much was happening apart from the main couple falling in love and the little intrigue that was happening in the back ground was both obvious and not really threatening. This wasn’t a problem for me though as I was more interested in seeing Lily and Avery fall in love, which they did spectacularly.

The only bits of the book that I found exasperating was Lily and her we-cant-possibly-be-together attitude towards the end. Although I understood her reasoning, it just seemed to fill a few pages towards the end of the book and she quickly changed her mind. It was all a little too rushed as you approached the end and it felt like a race to make it to the HEA finish line.

But, I did enjoy this book, it was fun, romantic and had a main couple that I really liked and secondary characters that were both well drawn and interesting, I will definitely be reading more Connie Brockway books in the future.

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