“It has a nice blend of mystery and supernatural that reminds of the “good ol’ days” of paranormal books I used to read.”
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I confess this was a total cover impulse buy.  I had never heard of this series or author and it recently popped up on my Amazon recommendations.  The cover drew me in like a moth to a flame!  I was also weary of starting this because I tend to do MUCH better with female authors than male ones.  But, nevertheless, I wanted to know what this was all about.  Overall, I was pleasantly surprised and I can actually say this is a male author I don’t reading! 😉

MOON DANCE introduces us to a heroine who for all intents and purposes is trying to lead a normal human life.  Just as she was up until a few years ago.  A wife, mother and now not only the owner of her own PI firm but … a vampire.  She’s been hiding her new nature from everyone, but it’s wearing down her families bonds.  And with one case she’s working on it is all coming to a head and ready to blow in her face, while opening her to a brand new world of supernatural things to learn about.

This book suffered just a bit from first book syndrome.  There is some setting up of the world that I think could’ve been a little smoother or made more interesting, but overall I was really interested in the characters.  Samantha, the heroine, especially.  You can’t help but feel for her while she’s digging through her personal struggles.  And at the same time she remains pretty kick ass investigating the mystery she’s been assigned to.

There is a hint of romance as well, and although I do like the romantic interest for her, I think the way things are left in the end is a bit too forced.  This is not a short series (as there are 12 books out at the time of this review) so I think a natural progression into romance between these two characters would’ve been much better.

I’m excited to continue this series.  It has a nice blend of mystery and supernatural that reminds of the “good ol’ days” of paranormal books I used to read.  Been missing those around lately.




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