Mistletoe and Magic is a great holiday read and I hope you will give this novella a look! It is worth it! ~ Under the Covers

The beautiful Penelope Appleton is the only one of her sisters to truly possess an psychic ability. Since she can remember, Penelope can see the future. Seeing what men her sisters would marry was a gift and even seeing who she would marry was a gift until she dances with the would-be husband and has a vision of his death. Unable to come to terms with that sort of perspective loss, Penelope does what she can to avoid this man.

Jared Martin has no inclination to marry at the moment. He is enjoying his bachelorhood and watching his friends enter the marriage mart has him shaking his head, until he sees the exuberant and exquisite Penelope Appleton and makes up his mind from the first dance that she will be his.

Penelope leads Jared on a game of hide and seek all through Mistletoe and Magic until she can no longer deny her fate. How will she deal with the inevitability that her vision will come true and also with those around the pair who do not want to see them together? Will Jared believe in Penelope’s vision enough to give them any thought? Those questions and more are answered so easily by reading this very pleasing Christmas tale by Katie Rose.

This is the first book by Katie Rose that I have read and I found it to be a very enjoyable read and I have since gone back to read the first two books in the Appleton Sisters series. I love the characters of Penelope and Jared. Jared is such a great man. I adore the way he stands up to his family and puts his love for Penelope before the money dangling precariously in front of his nose by his father. Even his position at his father’s law firm is in jeopardy and Jared decides which is more important to him.

Mistletoe and Magic is a great holiday read and I hope you will give this novella a look! It is worth it!

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  1. I have not read anything by Katie myself and will be happy to check her out. I love the paranormal element.

  2. I love the Appleton sisters and am looking forward to reading Mistletoe and Magic. I am a sucker for holiday romances, especially historical ones.