Well, it is not often that I say this but there is such a thing as too much sex in a book.  I usually enjoy Ms. Day’s writing and the stories she comes up with, but in this mix of paranormal and sci-fi I have to say I think the actual storyline fell a bit short.

There is a story, it’s not all sex 24/7, don’t want to give you that impression.  Sable is a bounty hunter and Derek is some sort of special agent.  Sable is trying to bring in some big guys and Derek, who is “on leave” from work is being most helpful.  Of course the only reason Derek is hanging around is because he’s been lusting after Sable for over two years and has decided to finally make her his.

But nothing is as it seems.  There’s more to Sable and even to Derek than meets the eye, they are not just bounty hunter and special agent.  That was my favorite twist of the story.

They are, however, both vamps.  And being in close proximity and working together they both have needs to fulfill.  Blood and sex.  From the beginning, their relationship means more to both of them than just sex but Sable is fighting it every step of the way.

But again, like I said, I would’ve given this a higher rating had it been a bit less sexual.  I think when she’s trying to fix her ship would probably not have been the most appropriate time for Derek to think “damn I have to have her right now”.  Everything should have their place and time and reason. *shrugs*  But this may be just me.

For a short story it did manage to cover a lot of ground as far as what was going on.  There’s the bad guys Sable is chasing down, Sable is being chased down by someone who wants her dead probably, there’s a traitor in the agencies ranks, and then there’s also the issue of Sable’s maker wanting her to come back to him and playing at being his mate.

All in all it was entertaining and since I already got the next one I will be reading it soon.

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