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“Instead of concluding this review with some fancy schmany line, I’ll just say this: Read this. Listen to it. It’s great. And if you aren’t a Mary Calmes fan, you will be after this.
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Oh, hi! Yeah, I’m back with another Mary Calmes book review. Can you tell that I love her books? While I feel like I go over the same things again and again in these reviews, it’s because I really cannot stress enough just how talented Mary Calmes is. MINE is one of her standalone titles and for this reason, I didn’t rush to read it. I prefer her books to be in series because I have the tendency to fall in love with her characters hard and when that happens, I just want MORE! With a standalone, that doesn’t happen and so I’m left feeling sad and deserted when I’m done the book.

I listened to the audiobook for this and let me tell you, this is probably not one you want to listen to with other people around. You’ll find yourself laughing and smiling, biting your lips at the hot dirty talk and probably just looking like a fool over all. MINE is told from Trevan Bean. He’s not your typical hero. His job as a runner means that he’s good friends with a lot of bad people. When things get a little dicey, suddenly the appearance of his boyfriend’s brother doesn’t seem so bad. As Trevan and his boyfriend, Landry go back to visit his family, secrets are revealed and Calmes’ earlier portrayals of her characters get skewed a bit.

The thing I loved about this book is the fact that Calmes has a character with bipolar disorder. Landry’s outlandish behavior makes complete sense and the fact that Trevan is able to handle it all without blinking an eye even when he doesn’t even know it, makes me believe in their romance even more. At first, I will admit that I found Landry was a little bit insecure, a little bit too needy and demanding but then I understood it and I think the book would’ve been better if Calmes had just stated that he was bipolar from the very beginning.

I LOVED how she wrote Landry’s character. I’ve read some other books where they have a bipolar character but they only show one side, usually the good side, because they are easier to like in that way. But Calmes shows both the good and the bad, giving the reader the choice to like Landry or not. And I think you’d be a fool to say that you don’t. He’s such a complex character and so is Trevan. Their love is powerful and intense and you can really feel it in the book.

I also want to mention that this book has some pretty erotic sex scenes. I always love Calmes’ sexy scenes but these ones are just utter perfection. Well done! And the nice bonus is that if you’re listening to this in audiobook, the guy’s growly voice adds that intensity ;P

So instead of concluding this review with some fancy schmany line, I’ll just say this: Read this. Listen to it. It’s great. And if you aren’t a Mary Calmes fan, you will be after this.


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  1. Thanks for the review. I’ve had this in the TBR mountain because I was unsure about it from the blurb. I should know better than to doubt Calmes, everything I’ve read so far has been great. I know what you mean about her stand ones. I would live to read more about Tracy and Cord from Floodgates.