I have been so excited to finally read the second installment of Castle’s Dark Dynasties series. Dark Awakening blew me away and I had no doubt Midnight Reckoning would do the same.  This book takes place about seven months after Lily took a stand against Ptolemy and began her own dynasty.  Most of the Cait Sith have come to join the Lillim and still free to chose or do what they please.

Jaden Harrison, a hot, intense cat/vamp (Tynan’s friend) finds himself  lost and not knowing what do with his new found freedom. But as faith would have it, Jaden will choose to protect a female wolf from an attacker. A female wolf he’s met at the safe house a few months back.  Attempting to do the right thing, Jaden goes above and beyond to help; not only from her current attacker but to help with her long life dream to become an Alpha of her clan.

Lyra Black is the daughter of the Alpha Male for the Thorn Wolf pack.  Refusing to be taken as anyone’s mate, at 23, Lyra is at an age to fight for the Alpha position of her clan.  It is her birthright to do so.  Wanting this dream to come true, Lyra accepts Jaden’s help to train for the life and death competition and finds love in the process.

This book is without a doubt one of the best PNR books I’ve read. Ms. Castle has given us a story filled with suspense, humor, betrayals, action, lots of hot scenes with great sexual build up and of course, romance.

I again find my stomach full of butterflies in anticipation of the next book! I highly recommend this series!!!


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