Eve is on someone’s Christmas list….

Didn’t matter that book was shorter than all the rest. The fact is that Robb has written a damn good story with just a quarter of the word count. Not many authors can pull off novellas, but J.D. Robb can.

This story takes place right after the previous one where the Christmas holidays are in full spring. But Eve and Roarke can’t enjoy it because a man who Eve had the pleasure to catch before has escaped and is killing once again. But this time, his ultimate target is Eve. So much for having a Happy New Year.

Although there isn’t much character development in this novella, there’s plenty of suspense and action. The last few pages were particularly engaging, but that’s no surprise as it is with all of her books.

Eve’s still badass. Roarke is still too good to be true. And Peabody is still my favourite sidekick that any could have.

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  1. Annie reading all your In Death reviews is making me want to start all over from the first one again! I’m so glad you’re still loving them 🙂