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The mixture of an exciting suspense plot as well as the more personal stories of the main characters really draws you into the books.
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I’m a binger. Whether it’s a cookie the size of my head or a book series. Like most things my proclivity to binge has its upsides and its downsides. The upside is that I fully immerse myself in the world that the author has created and really enjoy my time with the characters. I literally can’t get enough and I enjoy myself immensely. The downside is, when it comes to reviewing the books it all becomes one big story rather than a series of individual ones. Hence this one review of the Mercy Kilpatrick series which, apart from the first book (review here), I read in a space of a few days.

The Mercy Kilpatrick is a romantic suspense/thriller series where you have a new thriller/suspense plot with each book. Connecting each book is the romantic relationship between Mercy, an FBI agent and Truman, the Sheriff of the small town of Eagle’s Nest where they both live and work. As well as the romance there are several threads that wind their way through the series and keep you reading, like Mercy’s developing relationship with her estranged family and her adoption of her teenage niece.

The mixture of an exciting suspense plot as well as the more personal stories of the main characters really draws you into the books. And, before you know it, you’ve read every single book and still want more. I actually listened to the audiobooks for this series and every spare moment I had I was listening to the books to hear the latest developments.

This was a great series with two very strong leading characters in Mercy and Truman. This series is actually completed now, but most of Kendra Elliot’s books are connected, so hopefully although the series is over, this won’t be the last I see of these two. I would recommend these to romance readers who want to expand out a little, as although there is a very strong romance storyline in these books, the action part of the book is just as important, it has a great balance of both.

Here’s a mini break down of each of the books in the series:

Book 1 – A Merciful Death – I reviewed this one separately last year, click here to see it!

Book 2 – A Merciful Truth – 4 stars
An arsonist escalates to murder bringing back bad memories for Truman. When Mercy gets involved in the case she starts uncovering secrets that are far too close to home.

Book 3 – A Merciful Secret – 4 Stars (this one may be my favourite in the series!)
Mercy finds a young girl covered in her grandmother’s blood on the side of a remote icy road in the middle of the night. Witchcraft and old secrets come back to haunt…and kill. Mercy and Truman must find who is behind the murder before the body count rises

Book 4 – A Merciful Silence – 4 Stars
When a storm uncovers the remains of a whole family…it soon becomes apparent that this may be related to an almost identical case 20 years earlier. Could the killer be back? Mercy and Truman investigate.

Book 5 – A Merciful Fate – 4 Stars
Skeletal remains are found and linked to a famous heist case from thirty years ago. Of the five men involved in the heist only one of them was ever caught. And, one of them didn’t live to enjoy the spoils. Leaving three behind and closer to home than anyone ever imagined.

Book 6 – A Merciful Promise – 4 Stars
Mercy is sent undercover to infiltrate a private militia. With her survivalist background, she knows how to fit in. But, she’s on her own and when things start to go wrong she only has herself to rely on. The she goes missing.


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