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Review: Melt by Cari Quinn
Book Info

Released: Jan 1, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 125



“It definitely made the snow where they were melt. I recommend this book to those who like a little hotness in their winter readings.” ~Under the Covers

Kylie just got herself out of a relationship. She decided to leave him and wound up wiping out on her snowmobile. She called the only one she knew who would help her. She just never thought that the feelings she had for him were still there.

Justin is a loner. He is also an advocate of spousal abuse. His mom has been beaten by his step-father for a long time. He never thought that a phone call from an old friend would change his life. He never thought that he would still have feelings for her.

In the first half of the book our characters re meet after a few days. Justin helps Kylie get better by making sure she is healing from her snowmobile accident. As he is helping her heal, he realizes that he is still in love with her. Kylie always knew she had feelings for Justin. Now that she is single she has finally decided to act on them.

Throughout the book Kylie was trying to hint to Justin that she was into a little kink in her sex life. Justin being against spousal abuse kept telling her he did not want to be the one to hurt her. It took a long time of them being together for Justin to realize that he might need some help to get over his abusive upbringing. So he decided to tell Kylie to leave and maybe when he was better they would see each other again.

At the end of the book they met again when they were both in a better state of mind. They both decided to give their relationship another try. It was the best for both of them too.

I fell in love with this book from the very beginning. It brought forth what a true relationship can go through. It also brought up that there needs to be complete honesty for it to work. I also loved how the author wrote the sex scenes. It definitely made the snow where they were melt. I recommend this book to those who like a little hotness in their winter readings.

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