“…the ending is so sweet you’ll need to be prepared to crash from the sugar high after it’s all finished.”
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Oh how I love a clueless hero!  I’ve been itching to read Tyler’s story since there was the small hint in book one that his childhood best friend was in love with him.  I just had to see that happen!!!  Tyler had a successful skiing career, competitively, until an accident ended that.  Leaving the only skiing he should be doing to a level of what regular folks can do.  This destroyed him emotionally.  Add to that the fact that his baby momma just as good as dumped his kid on his doorstep as his responsibility now and Tyler has had a lot of changes to deal with.  And if he has any feelings for his best friend Brenna, well with his track record, he can’t afford to try something romantic with her and lose the best thing that’s left in his life.  Her friendship.

I absolutely adored Tyler’s personality.  He’s goofy and laid back when he wants to be, but underneath it all he holds all his feelings locked inside.  He may be a little clueless, but totally endearing.  His relationship with Brenna was a thing of beauty.  They’ve been best friend since they were kids and although their relationship didn’t progress physically to the next level, the feelings did.  They are both in love with each other.  And that connection runs deep.  I loved that!

Then there’s Brenna.  She’s the epitome of a plain Jane.  She just wants to ski and she gets to do that a lot as an instructor at Snow Crystal.  She doesn’t own more than one luggage worth of clothes and her idea of dressing up is just wearing the one single dress she has for those occasions.  She also feels that she’s not what Tyler would go for because he’s always been attracted to very feminine and beautiful women.  And she doesn’t feel she fits that mold.  But she’s always there as his best friend.  she just has to figure out if that’s enough for her, or if she can handle what’s to come.

This is definitely more of a slow burn, we don’t start off this book with things exploding right away between these two.  And I liked that a lot.  The author gives them time to transition from just friends who hide their feelings for each other, to not being able to suppress the want any longer and the hell with the consequences.  As much as we’ve had the two previous books in the series for that, I think it was good that we got to see it progress at this pace.

And you know  me, I’m a sucker for a kid.  And this was almost a ready made family.  Brenna and Jess already have a great connection and when you add it Jess wanting Brenna around and maybe being a little sneaky about it (same as the rest of the O’Neil family) and it makes for a very enjoyable read.  And the ending is so sweet you’ll need to be prepared to crash from the sugar high after it’s all finished.  My kind of perfect Christmas read.

I will be looking for more books by Sarah Morgan for sure!




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