“… a sexy, sweet type of romance that I devoured in a day”
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Chance Morgan has sworn never to marry and definitely never to give his heart away, the only ones he loves are his twin brother and his brood. He watched his father’s life torn apart by his step mother and he won’t allow the same to happen to him. His only regret: Cora Mae, his step sister, she was just as caught up in his step mothers cruelty as he was, only when he managed to escape he had to leave her behind. However, Cora Mae has turned up in his life again, no longer an adorable eight year old girl, but a fully grown and curvy woman he can’t seem to get his mind off, no matter how much he tries.

So far Maverick Wild has to be my favourite in the series it has everything I love, a surly yet red hot cowboy and a curvy plain Jane type of heroine. Throw this all in together and you get a sexy, sweet type of romance that I devoured in a day and was left wanting more.

Where, in the first book Tucker was charming Chance, despite being his twin, was the complete opposite and was rude and bad tempered with just a tad bit of brooding. I don’t know why, but I love the grumpy ones so Chance won me over with his non-charm immediately. Not that he didn’t have his fun side, he just kept it well hidden so when it did come out, it made it all the more sweet. I also really liked Cora Mae, she wasn’t as fiery as the first heroine but had her own core of quiet inner strength that I found just as likable.

The romance between Cora Mae and Chance was really cute, they have a long history together with shared good and bad memories and I loved seeing them come together and heal old wounds. Stacey Kayne has definitely won me over with Maverick Wild and I am really enjoying this series it’s sexy, funny with an underlying sweetness, I can’t wait to read the third and final book.  spacer



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