I want to mention a couple of things before I start getting into the story of this book.  I read the revised version that Ms. Briggs re-released in 2011, not the original version of the book.  This book is really more fantasy than urban fantasy, so it’s good to make the distinction with readers.  Now here’s what I thought of Masques.

The first thing that I loved was the intro that Ms. Briggs did telling the reader a bit of the story of how she came to work on this book again and re-release it.  It does seem like a project that was dear to her heart, as it was her first real book published, and the old issues had become a bit of a treasure to find.  For us new Briggs fans it was a nice visit into a completely different world than what I’m used to reading by this author.

I’m not really big on fantasy books but this one had an element of connection that worked really well.  Who?  Aralorn and Wolf.  She’s a mercenary and she happens to rescue Wolf from certain death.  From that point on they’ve been emotionally attached and he will go with her and cross her path when she needs him most.

Aralorn is also a shapeshifter and works as a spy as well as a mercenary.  She is assigned with spying on a sorcerer.  Amidst the spying and the inevitable war, Alanorn and Wolf learn more about each other.  I loved their banter and their easy companionship.  They felt effortless together.

I did feel the writing was a bit choppy and the scenes changed a bit abruptly at times, but it didn’t take away from enjoying the story.  I am looking forward to Wolfsbane.

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