I’ve been wanting to read Leo’s story from the very beginning of this series! When Catherine Marks first came in the picture I knew she was the perfect heroine for him. They both have spunk and personality and after reading this book, I just think they compliment each other in every sense. He’s strong where she’s soft, she’s nurturing where he is damaged, he’s protective where she’s been hurt.We found out in the previous book that she was running and hiding from something bad from her past and it all comes to a head quickly in this book. My favorite part? How Leo stands strong as her protector from the very beginning.  Even though he doesn’t think too highly of himself he still wants her and goes after her.  He’s determined to have her.  That was so refreshing after reading so many books where the hero thinks he doesn’t deserve the heroine and just stays away.

And then there’s Catherine Marks.  She’s smart, she’s a survivor, she’s a fighter.  I just loved her!  And with that prime and proper exterior she still couldn’t help but falling prey to Leo’s charm.  But she was also an important part of the Hathaway family and she fit in with so many puzzle pieces.  For me, she was the one character that made the whole family tightly woven together.

This was definitely another one of my favorite Kleypas historicals and I really can’t wait to read the next one.  Although it makes me sad because that means soon I won’t have any new historical books by her to read.

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