“It was charming, ridiculous and absolutely hilarious.”
~ Under the Covers

Sometimes you need a book that is going to make you laugh. It may be a little ridiculous and completely ludicrous, but that’s what you are in the mood for. And that describes Making Changes perfectly. It was charming, ridiculous and absolutely hilarious.

The story was told from the POV of of our heroine, Mackenzie. Mackenzie absolutely no brain to mouth filter and, when she’s nervous, a tendency to blurt the most inappropriate things. I loved her, she was so funny, there were scenes in the book where I actually had to put the book down until I had finished laughing. So, when I say it was a laugh out loud book I mean it in the most literal sense. Our hero, Grayson is her new boss and at first seems like the boss-from-hell; he’s demanding, humourless…and far too gorgeous. However, it soon becomes apparent, to everyone but Mackenzie,  that he is head over heels for our kooky heroine. I love it when the heroine has no clue the hero is into her so this book was perfect for me.

This book is the perfect read if you like the following: curvy heroines, office romances, rom coms and hilarious family antics. I love all those things so I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend if you want something lighthearted and fun.


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