“…it’s a quick but exciting read.”
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Make Me Whole is a novella in the Isle of the Forgotten series featuring Quildor, one of the mages we met in Make Me Hunger. It is also the first book, so far, not to be set on the island. Instead Quildor goes back to the small village and young woman he abandoned when he was a young man. A plague has hit the village and nearly all the inhabitants have died, one of the survivors is Wren, the woman Quildor loves. But, this isn’t a normal plague and is instead one created by necromancy. Quildor must help the survivors, including Wren out of the village and to safety before death catches up to them.

Quildor was a quiet, steady presence in Make Me Hunger and although interesting, we didn’t find out much about him. In this novella Roberts gives us Quildor’s backstory as well as a dose of action, romance and some intriguing hints as to future storylines. As I am now coming to expect from Roberts, I loved the romance between Quildor and Wren, although it was brief, it never seemed rushed.

Make Me Whole also furthers the corruption within the mages storyline and adds some hints which have me dying to get my hands on the next book. If you are already reading this series than you need to give this novella a go, it’s a quick but exciting read. If you haven’t started this series yet, then what are you waiting for?spacer

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  1. Great review Suzanne! I have this series on my tbr gr list!! Shared on all my socials!!