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The Isle of the Forgotten is where Justicars, a mage order that dispenses justice, put their worst criminals. They are stripped of their magic and sent to the island to survive as they will. The demon Baltherus has been there a long time and until recently he had viewed the island as his own kingdom. Until it all burnt down. Amnestria, a Justicar, is sent to the Isle of the Forgotten to see if she can find any innocents. There is corruption in the ranks of the mage order and it seems some prisoners are more political rivals or have been imprisoned unjustly rather than truly heinous criminals. When Baltherus sees Amenestria, he knows she his way off the island…as well as his mate.

We met Baltherus in Make Me Burn the first book in the Isle of the Forgotten series. He intrigued me. Although he wasn’t exactly a good guy, he wasn’t exactly bad either. He was manipulative, single minded and proud of the small kingdom of survivors he had built and willing to do almost anything to keep it together and make it thrive. Things didn’t end quite as he expected in Make Me Burn and I was looking forward to see what Baltherus would do next.

What he did next…kidnap a Justicar and then realise she was his mate. But in typical Baltherus fashion, he still tried to keep the upper hand and manipulate her to get what he wanted, i.e. off the Isle of the Forgotten. Amenestria is an elvish mage in the Justicars and generally a tough cookie. And, although I didn’t warm to her quite as much as I did with Aria, the heroine in the first book, I admired her strength. There’s was an interesting romance, which Baltherus was doomed to muck up with his machinations. However, there were enough tender and sexy moments between them to keep me hooked and the romance believable.

As well as the romance, there is also some more world building and back story developing in regard to the mages and the corruption amongst their ranks, which only helps to enrich the books. I can’t wait to read more about this as well as see a new romance unfold. I was intrigued by the angel imprisoned on the island and can’t wait to see how his story goes.

You need to give this series a try if you like fantasy or even PNR, the world it getting more interesting as the books continue and the romances so far have really sucked me in.


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  1. Awesome review suzanne!! I have a few of this series on my tbr gr list!! Ty!! Shared on all my socials!!

  2. Awesome review suzanne!! I have a few of this series on my tbr gr list!! Ty!! Shared on all my socials!!