Review: Lycan Partnership by Ariel Tachna

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Review: Lycan Partnership by Ariel Tachna
Lycan Partnership
Book Info

Released: Jan 14, 2013
Series: Partnership in Blood Spin-Off #3
Pages: 230


I loved the sexuality in this book, my god it was hot! More than once I wished I had a vampire partner of my own to be wild with in the bedroom, or perhaps a werewolf to mate with in abandon ~ Under the Covers

I’ve been feeling the lack of a good m/m story for a while now, so this book was very much welcome. It’s a spin-off from the ‘Partnership in Blood’  series by the same author, and even though I am obsessed with reading a series in order, this didn’t turn out to be as scary as I thought it would be. This was also my first time reading a book by Ariel Tachna and I can say that it won’t certainly be the last.

Since this is a spin-off story, it takes place after the events in the main series, but not having read them -yet!- wasn’t much of an obstacle. A powerful werewolf pack comes to the wizard/vampire pairings for help about their mating rituals, the couples are unable to have children and they’re afraid the pack might be dying out because of that. The helping hand comes in the form of an enthusiastic, werewolf fanboy, newbie wizard named Marc, who’s sent in to the pack to observe the ritual performed by the pack’s shaman, a gorgeous black wolf named Adenet.

The book mainly is about the different relationships from the previous couples, as well as how Marc tries hard to make Adenet acknowledge their inevitable bond.

Gotta say, I loved the sexuality in this book, my god it was hot! More than once I wished I had a vampire partner of my own to be wild with in the bedroom, or perhaps a werewolf to mate with in abandon, but let’s just get back to the review. The characters were likable, especially Marc, and I enjoyed the dark way the vampires were handled here. I don’t know, I’ve always been a fan of the darker side -they have cookies and all!- The plot wasn’t hard to follow since the main thing is the relationships, but still I think it would help if one reads the previous books first, for the sake of connecting to the characters more.

My biggest problem, however, was the constant use of French words. The author has lived and worked in France so I can understand her choice of including the culture, since the story is set in France, and I could understand a few commonly known words here and there, but whole sentences in French, or words that may not be widely known to non-French readers is another story. Thankfully my sister helped me with this, but for those who don’t have French speaking sisters, this might be a bit of a challenge, not to mention it disrupts the flow of the story.

Overall, I still liked the book, it was an interesting world where different races are made to mingle, and I’ll definitely work on getting my hands on the other books. Who knows, it might also help improve my French!

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