Lust is the first installment of The Sins and The Virtue Series by Charlotte Featherstone but not my first read of Ms. Featherstone’s work. I have read her novella Forever Yours, which I loved and I must say the same for this book.The series is called “The Sins and The Virtues”, true to the name, the plot revolves around the Sins and the Virtues who possess them (rather reminds me of the LOTU by Showalter who possess demons in their bodies) There is a battle between the Light and Dark Fae. Due to past circumstances, a curse was casted upon the Dark Fae. Their kingdom will not prosper but diminish until the men (who possess the sins) of the court are able to make the women (who possess the Virtues) come home with them, willingly. The worst part of the curse is that the women they bring home are no other than the Virtues, specifically opposite of their sins. Our heroes will have to work hard to find their HEA and for the sake of their kingdom.

The heroine for this book is Chastity Lennox, a lady of purity and the hero is Prince Thane, Unseelie Prince possessed with the sin of Lust. Let me tell you, their journey to HEA is nothing of Chasteness but loaded with Lust. Their loves scenes were extremely hot with a lot of s*xual tension in the beginning. This prince definitely has bragging rights to his name, Lusty indeed. I love their love story and the sub-plot of the two kingdom’s battle is just as interesting.

Few things to consider and here are my thoughts. 1. Because our Hero is LUST, there was too much of it. (I can’t believe I just said that). Please don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every bit of it but the romance or the “getting to know each other” was overcome with their explorations of each other, IMO. 2. There are some things that I’m not used to as far as the historical and Fae elements of the book. Please don’t laugh, this is my first Fey story. The Seelie vs. Unseelie, Dark vs. Light Fae is very confusing to me. I mean. Seelie is the light and Unseelie is the Dark. But the use of both words truly messed with my head. My poor friends Fran and Annie had yet again had to endure my million questions. 3. Other things to get use to are the customs, politics, words and clothing they used back then are foreign to me. Take note that I am fairly new to any Regency or any other Historical books. Thank God for my Dictionary app. I survived. However, my lack of knowledge will not deter me from the new world Ms. Featherstone created. I will be waiting and sure to read the next installment as soon as it is available.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in a time peace with a big twist of PNR.

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