Loyalty in Death has one of the best endings in so far in the series! It kept me on my toes and got my heart jackhammering in my chest! But before I talk about the ending, let’s start from page one…

My favourite cop, Lieutenant Eve Dallas has a murder case where a wife has literally screwed her husband over. When Lisbeth literally drills her cheating husband to a wall with one of his power tools, Eve doesn’t think her life could get worse. But then she starts getting these suspicious notifications from a group called “Cassandra”. Cue rolling of the eyes because, yes they believe they’re acts are for the betterment of society. Blah-blah. Every, single time Eve receives one of these messages, my hate for them grew and grew until I couldn’t take it anymore! Eve Dallas had to take them down! Their arrogance, their ignorance and their false belief that their actions were what the world needed made me want to take them down myself. And that is how I came to love this series, and especially this book.

Robb has the ability to take hold of your heartstrings and thug until you feel that ache in your chest. Some of the events in this book shattered a lot of the characters, including the rocksteady Lieutenant we all know and love. And I felt it too.

A new character is introduced. Zeke is Peabody’s younger brother and he is such a sweet soul. However, his visit to New York brings forth a lot more trouble than he is expecting. He develops feelings for Clarissa, B.D.’s wife and thus, gets sucked into a whole world he is not ready for.  I really loved his presence in this one.

But it’s the other Peabody that made this book for me! DELIA PEABODY, YOU ARE AWESOME! I absolutely adore Peabody and her quirky remarks here and there. I especially love it when her ovaries take over and all she can think about is getting some-some. And boy, does she get it in this one! I couldn’t have been more happy for the two of them! So well deserved!

And the ending. Wow, the ending was amazing. Action-packed and filled with adrenaline, I loved  every single moment of it! Perhaps the best thing about it is the fact that Roarke is becoming more and more prevalent in Dallas’s cop business. How he does this without stepping on her toes is beyond me!

The Roarke and Eve dynamic is as dynamite as ever. They go through some struggles, some little arguments here and there. And most of the time it’s due to Eve’s lasting belief that being with Roarke is still all a dream. I love seeing that soft spot of Eve’s when it comes to Roarke.

And last but not least, here’s your Roarke.

Let’s keep the drooling to a minimum, okay?

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