The WARDen manages to do it again! I can’t get enough of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, the world, the Brothers and at the moment Butch O’Neal.

Butch has been living with the Brotherhood for months, ever since he got kicked off the force for brutality against POS rapist. But he finally he has found a place where he belongs or almost belongs as the only human in a house of vampires he is still on the fringes. Marissa, the Blind King’s former shellan is shunned by the members of her race, although she is a great beauty, everyone believes her to be defective and much like Butch she lives on the fringes of her society; barely tolerated but never accepted.

When Butch and Marissa met months ago they had an instant connection, but events, misunderstanding and meddlesome relatives have kept them apart. But after Butch gets captured by lessers and has a tete a tete with the Omega, they find they need eachother more then ever.

First off, I have to get this out my system: I LOVE BUTCH! Phew that feel better, I have found reading these books that I am a complete BDB whore and I love them all, although Wrath holds a special place, but I can’t resist J.R. Wards alpha males! She brings each character to unique vivid life through her fantastic use of language and long after I have finished the last page I find myself thinking about them. Marissa is also a favourite of mine, I know a lot of people don’t like her, but I love seeing her grow in confidence and spread her wings after so long being trapped and shunned inside her gilded cage.

Together Butch and Marissa fit perfectly, they both seem so different, Butch is distincly blue collar and Marissa is from an aristocratic family, but the tragedgies in their lives are remarkably similar, they both live on the outskirts of a society that doesn’t accept them and they both have the experience of a familial rejection. They also really crank up the heat, one of the things I love most about Butch is that he is such a talker in bed mmmmm…., these two really burn up the sheets. I couldn’t talk about Butch’s book without mentioning V and Butch. I am not a massive Vutch fan, but the friendship is another intense relationship explored in this book.

Although JR is strong on her relationships and her characters, it’s got to be mentioned. Lessers, they have got to be the most ineffectual enemies. This is the one aspect of the books that is disappointing, there are less then 10 warriors to defend a whole race, yet a whole society of bad guys don’t ever seem like a threat.

Regardless of this though, I adore these books, I am addicted to them and crappy enemies of not, I can’t get enough of this series, the combination of JR’s writing and her beautiful romances are enough to cover any shortcomings for me.

Butch on Marissa…

It wasn’t like any woman in this club or on the face of the planet could come close to Marissa. She had been pure in the manner of crystal, refracting light, and life around her improved, enlivened, coloured with her grace

Marissa on Marissa…

Marissa started to cry, not because she thought she was going to die, but because she new she wasn’t.


She’d spent three centuries waiting and hoping for a male to notice her. Three centuries trying to fit in with the glymera. Three centuries working desperatley to be someone’s sister, someone’s daughter, someone’s mate. All those external expectations had been the laws of physics that had goverend her life, more pervasive and grounding then gravity.

Except where had trying to meet them gotten her? Orphaned, unmated and shunned.


How did she take Butch to a place were sex was communion?

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  1. The Brothers are amazing. I love them! I’m re-reading Lover Unleashed right now so I’ll be ready when the 27th rolls around and Lover Reborn comes out.

    My fav brother is V, but I am not a big Vutch fan. I’m still not real keen on Jane either. I guess no one is more fit then I am for V! lol Oh wait, I love Hollywood too. Too many hotties to choose from! Nice review. Love reading quotes.